Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Is Drifting - nice thing to share here!

People built drifting because it starts with friends that then form a community. The cars were just there as the tools. The real drive behind drifting is how far people will push it, or how the community moves forwards working together to change the style of drifting. The community has got drifting to where it is today!!!

ganbatteh... nice thing to share here!
*credit to MATIX0211

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rattlezasia @ MIMC GOOD YEAR international drift series 2010 round 2

Malacca International Motorsports Circuit, a brilliant circuit which combines various type of tight corners. Known as the largest go kart circuit in south east asia, it have been selected for the next spot for Good Year international drift series for 2010 on 31st of July and 1st of August. As a go kart circuit, the width of the track itself is quite small in some area resulting a very technical track for drifting. Click here for full reports

Representing Rattlezasia is mr.Zul hachiroku with KE70 SR20 powered.

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