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Venue : Dataran Tanjung Emas, Muar, Johor
Date : 30th Jan-1st Feb 2009
Time : refer to schedule
Spectators' Charges: FOC
Thrill rides Charges: RM5 for 2 laps
Supported by: Rattlezasia®, Majlis Belia dan Sukan daerah Muar, RMS Event,

Entry Fees
- 2 days: RM50
- 1 day: RM50
*Please take note that RM40 will be contributed to the Palestine Fund

Proposed Event Format

Drift Session + Launching + Thrill rides for spectators and VIPs

Drift Session + Thrill rides for spectators

Proposed Schedule

Friday Schedule (30/1)
3.00pm - Registration of Drifter's
3.00pm - Drifting Track testing Session
5.00pm - Drift Roadshow Promotion in Muar (Gimmicks)
9.00pm - Drifting Track Testing Session, track inspection
10.00pm - End of Session

Saturday Schedule (31/1)
9.00am - Registration and Preparation for launching, track inspection
9.15am - Drift Demonstration
9.45am - Arrival of VIP's for Launching of ''BEBASKAN PALESTINE - DRIFT AMAL MUAR''
10.00am - Event Launching by VIPs
11.00pm - Session 1 / Thrill ride for VIPs
12.00pm - Session 2 / Thrill rides for spectators
1.00pm - Break
2.00pm - Session 3 / Thrill rides for spectators
6.30pm - Break
8.30pm - Session 4 / Thrill rides for spectators
10.00pm - Autoshow Demo
11.00pm - End of Session

Sunday Schedule (01/2)
9.00am - Registration, track inspection
10.00am - Session 5 / Thrill rides for spectators
1.00pm - Lunch break
2.00pm - Session 6 / Thrill rides for spectators
5.30pm - Session Ends
7.00pm - End of Charity Campaign
9.00pm - Handing of Donation's presentation
10.00pm - Press Conference
11.00pm - Closing and appreciation ceremony

Monday is Public holiday for Federal Territory KL, Labuan and Putrajaya only

- Helmets are compulsory
- Shoes and Long Pants are compulsory
- Seatbelts must be worn at all times, drivers will be banned if found passenger unbelted
- Driver and passenger side window must be up at all times in the track
- No loose items in vehicle
- Brake lights must be working
- Roll cage and 4-point safety harness are recommended
- The organiser reserves the right to decline entry or disallow a vehicle to enter the track if the vehicle is found unsafe.

For registration and more info, please call

Central Region
Amat – 012 26 99 156
Nick – 016 301 8000

Southern Region
Chop – 012 66 10 900
Ijat – 017 695 8480

Burn your rubbers away for a more meaningful weekend as we raise funds for Palestine

"To those that are travelling from KL who wants to join our konvoi to Muar please confirm as soon as possible. We will leave on Friday night 30th Jan 2009. Meeting point is Serdang R&R just few KM's after Sg. Besi tol plaza. Be there by 9.30pm."

Distant to Muar from Sg. Besi Tol is approx 155km. Tol rates from Sg. Besi to Tangkak is RM20.10 ( normal rate, class 1 ) while RM18.10 applies during offpeak rate. Rates are one way. For more info please refer to


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Guys!!! Need Your Opinion......

Refer to this topic..... (while nick go for tribal design for his soarer)....

need ur advice on this matter ..... hmmm thanks. 2more days to work out....

*credit to kerel design

Free Palestine!!!!

*click to enlarge...

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Last year's vid

Levin 16v 1.6 VS RB26........

Monday, January 5, 2009

Perak Drift Battle!!! 2009.....

Ouch...... hmmm TDL just informed me yesterday.... so i've check it out...
update status....
1.Ke70 (buburn)-  car ready... driver dunno isk...isk.. 
2.Soarer - not ready... upgrading
3.180 to s15 - not ready... bodywork and paint job
4.Ke70 (chop) - car ready but driver on paternity leave
5.A31 - not ready.... bodywork and paint job
*source from feinto........