Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Toyota Corolla DX ke70

Introducing......Buburn (not for sale, mind u.. :D)

Engine bay

AE86, 4AGE 16v. converted to AE92 block and engineered fully balance engine on high compression block and piston. TRD 3mm metal gasket, TRD cable plug, NGK performance cool plug, Adjustable cam pulley, Aftermarket aluminums crank pully, HKS 30mm super flow air filter, custom rubber air duct from Proton hehehe, Project S aftermarket oil cooler relocation kits complete with water spray, AE86 stock radiator with CUSCO hi pressure radiator cap complete with twin cooling fan, MS’s customs aftermarket Oil Catch Tank and hoses, start with MS's customs 2.2 x 5mm thk aluminium exhause gasket to RSR 2.2inch ported 4 – 1 extractor jasma approved link with 2” customs straight pipe ended with aftermarket 2.2” HKS exhaust bottle. Japan aftermarket 8.5” lightweight racing flywheel complete with 8.5” 3 puck TRD clutch with TRD clutch cover.. Japan aftermarket TRD ratio speed box (not sure what stage) with TRD quick shifter kits, MS’s customs gearbox mounting, stock AE86 long shaft connected to stock AE86 1.5 way LSD 4.3 ratio axle complete with stock AE86 rear anti-roll bars. Chipped computer box (modded in japan), BOSH external fuel pump and pressure controlled by aftermarket fuel regulator, injector have been upgraded but no info…

Suspension and Handling

AE86 TOMEI hi-low soft-hard adjustable converted to S13 custom short stroke absorber and customs harden for front system, stock KE70 spring for rear with MS’s customs hard and short stroke absorber supported by stock AE86 rear anti roll bar, CUSCO AE86 adjustable front strut bar, AE86 CUSCO front anti-roll bar, CUSCO S13 adjustable absorber pillow mount, CUSCO AE86 rear adjustable strut bar, MS’s customs RCA, modded caster rod and lower arm stopper, Customize Teflon anti-roll bar bushing, Customize Teflon lower arm bushing, customize for wider angle 2" stearing rack adaptor setting for max angle drifting, safety will never be compromised, japan branded heavy duty and hi temp brakepad are used supported by D.I.Y braided hoses (cable tight).


Rooms stripped, Complete AE86 analog type dashboard, custom handbrake button, SPARCO sprint junior full bucket on driver side, SPARCO seat railing, SABELT harness, TOMs full bucket & SABELT hardness on the passenger side. Aftermarket deep dish steering with TRD horn button, AEROSPEED quick release kit, AE86 steering boss kit, AE92 sprinter gear knob, DEFI speed meter, Apexi auto turbo timer, custom digital vacuum meter, cassette player, interior safety glass tinted in case of brakeage, fire extinguisher and last but not least 6 point roll cage

Exterior and cosmetic

CA1 side mirror, sparco bonnet clip, customs front lips, costoms rear spoiler, GL models rear lamp (till 2004... currently no body kits at this moment). Customs knock arch, front and rear DX bumper to maintain original spec, Japan PIAA head lamp, Front rims SSR-longchamp 8jj x 14 (0), rear 7 & 7.5 jj x 14 (-5) SSR mesh type for competition, 6.5 x 14 (10) Casablanka for training purposes only. Bridgestone PLAYZ 185 / 60 / 14 (front) Goodyear 185 / 60 / 14 (rear) for smoke, black solid paint out side and silver coating inside also underneath... customs bodystripe