Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nissan Silvia S14 For Sales

SR20 N/A
Car in good condition & has never been used for drifting.
On the road condition, pls view to appreciate.
RM 6x, 000. Highly nego till sold, direct dealing w owner.
Location: Johor.

Other S14 items to be cleared:
1. Zenki set front & rear, complete with light, bumper & bonnet
2. Kouki complete front set
3. 3 sets right side doors
4. 2 sets left side doors
5. Front windscreen
6. Rear wide fender 50mm originally fr Japan (bought price was more than RM2k)
7. Exhaust ApexI originalcomplete with J pipe Nismo
8. Tien rear adjustable absorber
9. Complete Kouki halfcut SR20 DET...

and many for price

Serious & genuine buyers only.

Pls call 013-6255026. Super urgent!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Autoshow Walkabout Batu Pahat Jan 2010

2010 - Chop's KE70r Debut

Update status:
This car is currently undergoing some major makeover. Will it perform at Batu Pahat Mall event end of this month? They're working hard on it, hopefully they can catch up with the time.

Will update once it is completed.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Formula Drift Malaysia 09 by ellmiesupreme

Quick tour....
View full report here....
or full archive on his blog .... anyway nice shoot bro.

ACE drift challenge 2010 round 1

Quick tour.........
View full coverage here.. Reported by
ellmiesupreme!!! nice picha man.... .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Good start for 2010 for Rattlezasia. That's all i can describe when one of our members finish 4th in Ace Suspension Drift Challenge (ASDC) which will be revealed later on. This event was held on 2nd and 3rd January 2010. Our driver already practising on 2nd Jan evening till 11p.m. There should be 4 drifters representing Rattlezasia in this event which are Firdaus (Chop), Ejat, Rashid and Zulfikar. But only 3 drifters managed to make themselves participate in this event which left Ejat behind since his Silvia have some medium major problems shall we say. However, we (Rattlezasia crews) only managed to reach at Stadium Hang Jebat on 3rd Jan evening right before Best 16 started. but only Zulfikar and Chop through in the Best 16. Unfortunate for Rashid since he did not make it through to the Best 16 but still he do have a neat, clean, powerfull and well setup Nissan Cefiro A31 with the biggest Rattlezasia stickers attached on the side (on random pictures below). Better luck next time all right mate. We will kill again in next event, BP Mall! Still you make top management proud bro.

Zul and Chop line up for Best 16 introduction.

In Best 16, Chop was on 16th place. It was a different level of experience for Chop since he will tsuiso with Tan Tat Wei. Chop managed to give a good fight, good handling machine and pressure with his Toyota KE70 Blacktop. However, TTW shows his superior experience to overcome Chop with his mighty Bridgestone Toyota AE86 + NOS. But still, if we look in the bright side, Chop has outbeat a number of drifters who came from all over places where the total drifters participated in this event was almost 50 cars. Chop still in good mood after loosing to TTW by saying "awal tahun dah tsuiso TTW, hujung tahun tsuiso Nomukan plak kot.hahaha..." (in this very early 2010 already tsuiso with TTW, perhaps end of this year will tsuiso against Nomuken. hahaha...). Kudos Chop!

Chop vs TTW: 1st run.

Chop vs TTW: 2nd run.

The only remaining drifter that represent Rattlezasia was our ace, Zulfikar, with his MyEG Toyota ae86 powered by SR20DET. In Best 16 battle, Zul was up against a black Celica (damn, cant remember his name). It is a good battle and Zul claim the victory to make himself through to the Fantastic 8.

Best 16 battle: Zul vs Black Celica.

In the Fantastic 8 battle, Zul was facing Along Rempit with his notorious FX Open Nissan Cefiro A31. It was a dog fight since they got OMT after they got 5-5 on both run in 1st judging round. In 2nd judging round, Zul show what he capable of plus Along Rempit was runing out of course/track and make him through to the Incradible 4.

Fantastic 8 battle: Zul vs Along Rempit 1st run.

Along Rempit run out of course on the 2nd run.

In the Incradible 4 battle, it was Zul and Ariff to face each other. Ariff with his Goodyear Toyota AE86 Coupe Supercharger looks yummy with his offset watanabe on the front. harrrerr.. In this round, Ariff shown good drifting techniques and make him self through to the Ultimate 2. Zul was spun on the 2nd run due to excessive use of tyres plus it was 14inch rim on rear. Zul said that he did not have enough tyres since on the previous day (training session), he ran a lot till night. At the end of the day, Zul finish 4th in this ASDC 2009: Round 1. Congatulation to Zulfikar and big clap for you bro! In the future, top management of Rattlezasia are hoping that in ASDC: Round 2, there will be more Rattlezasia representer competing. The more we send our drifters, the more chances for us to reach podium. God's Will!

Zul vs Ariff in Increadible 4.

4th overall position. Kudos!

Random pictures. Enjoy!

Rashid's Nissan Cefiro A31. Neat Freak Attack!

Some action moments.

Zul's AE86

Monday, January 4, 2010

Batu Pahat Drift Demo 02DEC2009

The journey to south begin on 1st Jan 2010 morning. There were 3 cars and 6 persons involved which were Nick, Amat, Ita, Isz Manta, Latif and me. Around 2pm we reach Hentian Jejantas Air Keroh to have our lunch. On our way to Tok house, we stop by at Rashid residential area. At that momment, his Cefiro A31 undergone a grooming session. Old Tein stickers were removed and replaced with huge Rattlezasia stickers. The results of Rashid's A31 were shown in ASDC 2009 topic above. We heading down south again and reach Muar at Tok House located in Tanjung Agas/Kesang Laut (dont know which exact location really), as our base camp, around 3pm. the cozy was just for a while coz we head down to Nizam workshop to give him a visit. After that it just usual stuff with drive through at Pear juice stall.

On the next day (2nd Jan 2010) morning, we assembled in front of Muar police station to be escort to Batu Pahat. After one hour of waiting, only 5 cars gathered. It should be a convoy with another 40 superbikes but they did not turn up. So the police officer decided that there would no need of police escort if the number of convoy is too small. It does make sense since we are not minister or VVIP to be escort in small a small convoy.huhu.

So the jurney to Dataran Batu Pahat began. Since there was no police escort, all drift cars decided to floor the throttle "Rempit Style" on the Federal road (jalan lama) which leaving the only standard car behind.huhu...

The moment we arrived at the dataran, we were shocked due to no preparation on track setup and there were visitors car parked in the drifting area. Furthemore, the space given to do demo drift was small. So we do the track setup ourselves. We did try to make an 'R' layout but its too dangerous for us and the spectators. The only layout that come off were a big donut and figure 8.

The addiction is on for Latif to develop his drifting skills. Dry tarmac just not being kind to his 14 x 8 inch rim with those hipari tyres. So he changed to 13 x 6.5" rim wishing to finish up those old stock tyres. He did bring 6 pieces rims and tyres (total tyres this car has was 10 pieces) hoping that he will burn down at least 4 pieces. But the nature was not agree with what he thinking. The rain pours down to tarmac. The drift demo continues.
As we continue playing in the rain, Rocker and friends arrived. They join us play in the rain alternately. Taking pictures in the rain was interesting since it did looks like the car is drifting on a mirror. Also the car does look like flying.haha..
There is no need to jammed up under an umbrella while enjoy the action, isn't it Lan.
At the end of the day, it was a good event. Thank you Sport and Youth Minister (KBS) who invited us to do this demo. We will be honor to do this again and colaborate with KBS. Latif's tyres also did not burn down totally and he did have lots of thread left. And ofcourse he had to went back to KL with same amount of tyres and lots of lesson learned to develop his skill.