Sunday, April 4, 2010

Report: Karnival Sorakan 1 Dunia 1 Malaysia Bersempena Ulangtahun RTM Ke-64.

On last weekend the carnival was held successfully at the mini car park of Angkasapuri. We were there the night before the event for the track layout set up. Since the car park space is not so big (around 50 x 80 meters), initially we thought we could only do donut and figure 8 layout. Please bear in mind that that event was not a competition, but a demonstration. However, one of our friend, Eddy (thanks bro!) came out with an idea of an R overlap layout --1st gear, 2nd gear and instant drift initiate where the drifters need to be fast enough since the 1/2 feet divider is waiting up front, huhu. After we were satisfied with the layout off we went home to get some rest because the opening ceremony was held on Saturday early morning. 

Nick in action

Daddy Amat DX

Double D, where two cars performing doughnut together.

The next day as early as 6.45am we headed to Angkasapuri back. The crowd has already fulfilled the main stage a little bit away from the track. A few test run were performed while waiting for other friends to arrive. There were few attractions around the track like F&B booth, biker booth, autoshow, I.C.E, classic cars, LC135 show, bike stunts but unfortunately we did not see many (hot) chicks (sigh..). 

Here's some pics

Pit area. A bit jam really.
The drift cars participated in the carnival. Thanks a lot guys.

Thanx bros!












On the last day during the closing ceremony the certificates of participation were presented to our representative at the main stage by Ketua Pengarah RTM, Datuk Ibrahim Yahaya together with other prize giving. The climax of the day was when Nick & Amat performing 'chopper' doughnut in front of the main stage before the confetti popped out into the air. The best part was, the tiny tars were fired to the audience during the doughnut :D

All of the drift participants received their certificates. Thank you all for the support!

Burn posing with his certificate. Again, thank you very much for your support.

Enjoy some random pictures below. We Rattlezasia would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Ammar and Mahfuz for sharing their pictures. Thank you so much. We also managed to record from television on the coverage when it was aired during Berita Nasional TV1. More pictures can be viewed at here and here. Enjoy. Till next venue, chiow!