Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hibernating... huh both of you?

Nick buzy with his boob job and chop like crazy in the spa.... Hmmm.....Well.... see you guys after Raya okay.... chears!!!

Rattlezasia Outing Day @ Bakri June 2009

Define Outing?(http://www.thefreedictionary.com/outing)
1. An excursion, typically a pleasure trip.
2. A walk outdoors.
3. The exposing of one assumed to be or wishing to be considered heterosexual as being gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
4. An athletic competition or an appearance therein.....

our car....

Good Day..its just a fun.... As you can see this is the size of the site, but most of the comment that i've heard that 'it' has not fully utilize the advantages of the site...... Maybe during the 'day'.... it will be better layout 'kot' hmmmm just to my 2cent.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Melaka Tourism Street Festival (MTSC) 2009

Melaka Tourism Street Carnival (MTSC 2009)

Organiser:Tourism Promotion Division, Melaka Chief Minister Department
Source : http://www.tourismmalaysia.gov.my/en/events/default.asp?state=melaka

Drift, drag, live band, dance, karaoke, extreme games all the street hypes were back at Hang Tuah Mall. This year it was held in 3 days compared to 5 days last year. Although the event period was shortened, it still packed with activities with more than 20 activities!!
We arrived around 5pm... truly amateur in autosalon field heheheh....
Hahaha our very first time.....though we are not into it, but why not give it a try... 3 cars from Rattlezasia supposed to participate in 2 categories, open and extreme modified car. However at last minute we decided to send only 1 car to participate for open modified category..... Ngeeee...just to get the exposure and experience...
Below of of participating cars
Throughout the evening
Night scene
Cars = Autosalon,
Motorcycles= Bike salon?
Shuffle competition, open dace competition, concert and live band........ the drag competition was cancelled due to too heavy crowd. .... performance vs parking? isk... next round? We'll send more suitable car concept next time hehehe....
Special thanks to all participating members... 'we are now entering autosaloon world' keh...keh..keh..
Our sponsors - graphix design & concept, BTM3 and Kampung Baik Melaka home stay.

CarReta Cakes & Cafe

Last Monday Rattlezasia attended CarReta Cakes & Cafe launching at the cafe itself in Kg Tunku. Besides us, there're about 10-15 mighty monster evo owners there too. Thanks to Hafiz for inviting us.

Enjoy the pics...

The crew of CaRreta. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Geram tul hari ini.....

RRRRrrrrrr...... GGRRRrrrrrrr.......
Terasa geram hari ini .... tak tau la kenapa ek.... any update on autosalon debut ?