Friday, September 5, 2014

East-coast Drifting Session @ Terengganu June 2014

 Rattlezasia and Freedom-spec crew are hitting the 'East-Cost' road to stop by meeting the local famous drifter, long lost team mate and more on our ORSEN promo tour, which kicks off after last 'RAYA' somewhere in mid of June. The unplanned drifting session was fun and unforgettable as it is the first time we touch east-coast sideways. Scheduled to be there again in month time. Check it out!!!


Video can be viewed here : 

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Ehh... Ehh...

Hard cornering (x sengaja kunun..haha.) + happy tail + linked corner = releasing addiction.

Tunnel Battle

Having a great weekend ahead guyz n gurlz... We are back in this business.