Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Batu Pahat Mall Drift Challange Oct 2009

9.15am on sunday 18th Oct morning, 'R' media crew (amat, xpitt and wan) began their journey to down south to Batu Pahat for drift competition at BP mall to cover up our team members who is participating on that event. It is a long journey till the driver said his leg became more heavier as time goes by to put the pedal to the metal (lol). We arrived around 12.30pm in the middle of striking sun of sunday. By that time, group practices were held. The crowd is gaining in numbers as the sun have no mercy shooting its 1/70 heat of the hell.

Although everybody were burned and uneased with the condition, 2 photographers on the ground, 9 team crews and all drivers were highly committed at that moment. Our team drifters that represent Rattlezasia were:

  • Firdaus (chop) - KE70 R.
  • Rashid - Clean freak drift machine.
  • Ah Wee - Highly potential and shining drifter.
  • Zulfikar - Formally known as 'Zul Hachirouku' aka 'Zul Falken'.

All our drifters were participated in expert category.

Zul qulified with 95 marks.

Rashid with 65 qualifying marks.

Firdaus (chop) qualified with 96 marks.

Ah Wee with 60 qualifying marks. But unfortunately, he got some trouble with the machine. Something related to his intercooler piping.

After all points calculated and sorted, only Zul and Chop managed to make way to Best 16. As usual, the format would be tsuiso battle. So here are the battle between Zul vs Ah Soon. It was a tight battle since both using same platform (KE70) and same engine (SR20DET). At the end of the battle, Zul make himself through to Best 8.

In the best 16 battle between chop and Vicky 'da crazy datsun', there was 4 times repeating the battle since judges couldn't make dicision since it was a very tight and breath taking battle. At the end of the battle, the satisfaction was chop's which make him through to the Best 8.

During the best 8 battle, it was Zul vs Sharul (A31). Unfortunately, Zul was left out and couldn't make way to Best 4 but still it was a good battle and the crowd enjoyed it.

In another Best 8 battle, it was chop vs silvia RPS13.... isk forgot edi the competitor name...somebody remind me!!! andy maybe??? This was the most thrilling tsuiso battle of the day since it was neck to neck battle. It was so close like "i-can-kiss-your-door-with-my-fender". Pictures below are the proof. However, Chop also did not managed qualify for Best 4 but still crowd was gone wild with the action produced by both of them. This is what we called entertainment.

45 cars were participated in this competition. In the expert and novice categories, prizes were given untill 8th and 3rd positions respectively. We manage to complete this event untill podium finish. Congratulation to our drifters. Thank you and kudos to Rashid and Ah Wee for your best affort and your showmanship :D. There always next year guys. Cheers! So the podium grabber's from Rattlezasia were:

  • Firdaus (chop) - 5th place in expert category.
  • Zulfikar - 6th place in expert category.
*pls refer to JBDC forum for full report and result.....

Group photo... others? too shy to be in the net kekekeke....

Mr Zul M.I.A during the celebrating event of spalshing (bukake style..wakaka). To Zul, you will be celebrated later hehe :devil:...

Here some ramdom pictures to share.... enjoy

We also have other photos 'cars in drift motion' in our collection. Let us know and we will email it to you.