Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Toyota Corolla GL Monster!

NBS Motorsport Drift & Drag Machine. OBEY!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanx Alexi: “HOLIDAY READING: Blogs and Youtube channels”

Since noriyaro.com kindly promote our link to his web site (http://noriyaro.com/?p=4237#comments), there have been numerous hits from all over the world. Super thanx to Alexi! However, in December, there were no update from us due to lack of time and some technical problems. We will ensure you that this matter wont happened again in the future. We will try post some pics and article on our latest involvement in Formula Drift Malaysia 2009 as soon as possible. Still, a lot of thanks to all our members who undoubtfully support from the very beginning of Rattlezasia's development. To Bob_sm4/jzx, very much appreciated on your support to our editor/photographer (amat) to convert his blog into this info center shall we say, huhu. This will encourage us to do better next time and try hard not to disappointed you guys in the future.